Q: What we do and why we do it?

As you may have guessed, Yellow Dog Brewing is a craft brewery. We make awesome beer. We opened our doors almost 3 years ago and have been making some of the best craft beer in British Columbia ever since. Why do we do it? We love it. From the very start of the process of developing our delicious beer, to getting to know each and every customer who walks into our newly renovated tasting room, we love every aspect of the world we've created.

Q: Do you filter your beer?

Short answer, No. The reason is simple though. Although filtering beer makes it look pretty and brings out the clarity, it also takes away from some of the flavour that we've tried really hard to impart to our lovely suds. We let nature take its course and use cold temperatures to naturally let the beer settle to create a nice, clear and very tasty craft beer!

Q: Can we buy a keg for our private event?

Of course! But private keg sales are limited to availability. If you have an event coming up and you'd like to enjoy our beer just give the tasting room a call and we'll see how we can help you out. Of course, the sooner you book a keg the better so we ask that you try and give us at least a couple of weeks notice to be sure to have your keg reserved.

Q: Do you take reservations?

As much as we would like to, our tasting room gets pretty full on a regular day so we try very hard to make sure we are fair to everyone that would like to come in and try our beer. We run on a first come, first serve basis for seats in the brewery and for retail purchases. With our bigger tasting room it's a little easier to fit everyone in and not have to worry too much about long lines.

Q: Do you serve food?

We have great snacks everyday including some of the best food that local bakeries and butchers have to offer. All snacks are readily available in the tasting room. Don't forget about our food truck program though! The best trucks in BC stop by on a regular basis so make sure you take a look at our events calendar to check out when each truck will be stopping by!

Q: What are your hours?

We're open 7 days a week, 363 days out of the year.

Monday - Thursday 11am until 10pm
Friday and Saturday from 11am until 11pm
Sunday from 11am until 8pm

See you in the tasting room!

Q: Do You allow dogs?

We wish! Unfortunately, the powers that be have put a stop to allowing dogs in the brewery and our picnic area. This may change at some point, but until such time please tie you dog up outside or have someone take him/her for a walk while you have a beer.

Q: Do you have a patio?

Why, YES. Yes we do! This area is licensed for families to sit together outside the brew and we have family size picnic tables and twinkly mood lighting for when the sun sets.

We have light snacks from local bakeries and butcher shops and food trucks throughout the week that should satisfy every craft beer lover!

Please remember that consumption of alcoholic beverages needs to be kept to beer purchased in the tasting room.

No product including packaged product purchased in the tasting room or from other breweries or liquor outlets/establishments may be consumed on the patio.

Q: Do you have live music?

Why, yes. Yes we do.Not all the time mind you but every once in a while we'll get a great musician to play our tasting room. Nothing too crazy mind you, but good toe tappin' music you want to stick around to hear with great friends and family.

If you are interested in playing our venue, please contact Mike or Jes in the tasting room.

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